Energy Healing Chapter 1

It’s too Airy Fairy

When I was growing up and in my early twenties, concepts such as Energy Healing, aura, astrology and astral travel were completely taboo in most of the circles I found myself in. People dismissed it as ‘airy fairy’ and to tell the truth, in Sunday school we were taught these phenomena originate from the devil himself. We dared not even wonder about it or try and find out more. There was no google then (that gives away my age!) so hardly any information was available about healing or energy, except if you went digging in hidden, unknown bookstores. It was cloaked in secrecy… and anyway, the thought of burning in hell forever wasn’t very appealing!

Today – type ‘life force energy’ or ‘energy healing’ into google and you’ll be greeted with pages upon pages of links about these very topics. Walk into any bookstore and go to the ‘Body Mind and Soul’ section – thousands of books are classified in this category. Go to Amazon or Kalahari or any online bookshop and you’ll find the same.

What has changed?

Is energy healing more acceptable? Has the devil taken a backseat? Are people just more curious? Is it just that more information is available? Could it be that it’s actually effective and has been largely misunderstood until quite recently?

I just know that I always had a fascination with things unseen and finally, in my late thirties, happened upon this awesome tool called Quantum-Touch ®.  When I read the ad on a website, it said ‘Energy Healing – anyone can learn’. I found this statement incredible, since I always thought you have to born with a very special gift that you can’t possibly acquire. Like the faith healers we heard of when I was a child were born with it. Our church (sad to admit) frowned upon this idea… because for one, too much emotion was involved and often people suffered from terrible guilt if the faith healer told them to get up and they couldn’t. So my earliest memories of healing without medicine were associated with ‘wrong’ and guilt.

Since learning Quantum-Touch in 2005, I’ve also qualified as a Reiki Master and EFT Practitioner, and I’m in the process of qualifying as a Body Spin practitioner. I’ve given up a lucrative full-time career in programming for this new passion of mine. So much for guilt and doing something wrong!

Well, if it’s not ‘wrong’ anymore, then what is it?

Energy healing falls under the umbrella of Alternative or Complementary Medicine.  Edzard Ernst wrote in the Medical Journal of Australia that "about half the general population in developed countries use complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)." Did you know that an estimated 25% to 40% of people who use a complementary therapy do so because a medical professional suggested it?!

We are not only physical beings – we are also (in the 1st place) energetic beings. Everything is energy, you might have heard. All matter vibrate at unique frequencies. The earth’s predominant frequency is 7 to 10 Cycles per second. Human DNA has a frequency of 54 to 78 GigaHertz. If you read Quantum Physics, you’ll find this concept (everything is energy) was already introduced in the late 1800’s, but we mostly learnt Newtonian Physics at school (which is the physics of gross matter, things we can touch and see).

Because we are energy at our core, it stands to reason that we can treat our ailments at the energetic level as well. We might not be able to see this energy with our naked eye (but hey, have you ever seen electricity?? Do you know that the strongest electron microscope has not been able to ‘see’ an atom?). I assure you – just because we can’t see something with our physical eyes, is no reason to dismiss it as non-existent. Can you see the wind? No, but you can see the effects of it in the trees.  Can you see electricity? No, but you can switch on a light!


The next chapter discusses electromagnetic fields, Kirlian photography and Quantum-Touch.


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