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Life offers many challenges. Most of the human race is entirely caught up in the drama of living and surviving on earth. We create small drama’s (the nasty person who cut me off in the traffic), medium drama’s (my laptop was stolen from my house) and HUGE melodramatic crises (my sister’s husband committed suicide and left her with nothing). Terrible as it may seem, we often enjoy telling and re-telling the story, waiting for people’s commiserating reaction…. This could keep us stuck in our ‘stories’ and victim mode even longer.


It is often true that after a drama of especially the colossal kind, we can look back years later and find something good about it. For instance, if I didn’t lose my car keys that rainy day and asked a stranger for help, I might not have met my husband. Or if her husband didn’t commit suicide, she would still be married to someone who abuses his child.


I’ve often read articles in magazines where the writer decrees “If it wasn’t for cancer, I would not have grown so deeply on a spiritual and emotional level”.  Some say “It brought me and my husband much closer together”. Others say “It was the greatest gift I ever received”.


It seems so easy to find the gift when the disaster is over. The real trick is to find the blessing WHILE the fiasco is raging. Ultimately, as far as my experience goes, I feel better after a while. Maybe it takes months, maybe weeks, maybe hours. Why not shorten the suffering by finding the benefit sooner, rather than later?


I remember when my CD shuttle was stolen from my car boot in 98. I had acquired this fantastic piece of equipment, which was going to make my life so much more pleasant, only a week before. My most prized CD’s were in it. The feelings of disappointment, anger, resentment and just pure lust for revenge were overpowering when I discovered this loss. A day later I simply decided that I will ultimately get over it – why waste any more time on something that couldn’t be changed?


Bill Harris of Centrepointe Technology puts it so appropriately: “The amount you suffer in life is directly related to how much you are resisting the fact that things are the way they are“.


So… how come it’s so hard to find the blessing in disguise in the moment of distress? Our emotions are powerful and are driven by chemicals produced in the body. Often they can lead to the fight-flight response or make us ‘freeze’ in time. Some of us even get addicted to the chemicals produced and keep creating situations to produce those ‘drugs’ for us.


I wish I had known EFT back then! My distress was already shorter than my friends anticipated, and it could’ve been reduced to minutes if I’d had this self-help tool at my fingertips. In an EFT session, longstanding emotional distress can disappear in minutes, as if a fairy has just swung her magic wand. By getting rid of the distressing emotion, we are able to open up to the gifts in the situation.


EFT (short for Emotional Freedom Techniques) is an emotional version of acupuncture – no needles necessary!  And by the way, if you grimaced at the thought of a needle, an EFT session is almost guaranteed to rid you of that fear…


Important energetic and stress-relief points on the body are lightly tapped, while the skilled practitioner helps you discover all the bits and pieces surrounding your ‘issue’. This ‘issue’ can range from health challenges, to emotional turmoil, anger, resentment, fears, phobias… in fact, one of the motto’s of EFT is “Try it on Everything”.

I’ve been working with EFT in my alternative health practice for almost 5 years and have seen consistent, clear results – enough to simply know that it works. If it hasn’t worked for you yet, it’s probably mainly because of one of the main mistakes beginners can make – not being specific enough with the issue. The EFT manual is freely downloadable from the official EFT website, and anyone can learn for free. However, there is an art to delivering it skilfully for the best results.
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If all the gold in the world were melted down into a solid cube, it would be about the size of an eight room house. If a man got possession of all that gold -- billions of dollars worth -- he could not buy a friend, character, peace of mind, clear conscience or a sense of eternity." -- Charles F. Bunning

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