Strangers can become Friends

Strangers can become friends, when you use Quantum-Touch!


In February 2008, I became a full-time therapist (Quantum-Touch and EFT). I did Brian Whetten’s course on practice building from October to December 2007, which made this leap possible for me. I started renting a room at a beautiful centre called RehabMatters, a centre for rehabilitation work after strokes, accidents and other serious diseases.  As a result of Brian’s course, I gave out Gift Certificates to the existing clients of the centre. Not many clients used their Certificates (skepticism?) but Farhana  enjoyed her relaxing QT session very much and asked whether I’d like to give a little talk at a Mothers’ Day Event they have annually at her children’s primary school. I said YES with great enthusiasm – I decided it’s my year to get over my fear of doing talks!


The day came closer and I was battling to decide what to say. Farhana contacted me again, telling me it was to be a Mexican theme and I only have 5 minutes. Well… what to say in 5 minutes??  That felt like tremendous pressure – how do I explain all the benefits in those few minutes? Never mind, I thought, my ‘saving grace’ would be that I will have ample opportunity to do free healing sessions and then I’ll explain more to individuals.


The day arrived and I realized there were more challenges than I thought… I was sitting with 9 others at a guest table, not my own table as I’d expected. Oh boy, I thought, where will I put my marketing material… where will I do the healing sessions for the ladies… Ok, never mind… let’s work out Plan B quickly!


I was relatively early and started talking to a fellow guest at the table. Liz was there to do a talk of 20 minutes about Finding Your Purpose. She mentioned a really annoying head-ache. Aha –Plan B can kick into action!


I offered a quick QT session so she could understand what I was there to explain to the ladies. Oh… forgot to mention – HUNDRED AND FORTY ladies. Not 30, like I originally pictured. Well, the headache went down from a 4-out-of-10, to 3, to 2, to 1.5. Her eyes got bigger and bigger… and she sat there with a small grin of disbelief after only 10 minutes of running the energy for her. She was intrigued and I explained in the briefest possible way about energy, resonance, and the client being the healer.


I went about the afternoon with mixed feelings. I’m normally a little shy to put myself forward but in this instance I had no choice. Plan B: I had to walk amongst the tables of eating, tea-drinking, cake-munching, loudly-conversing, laughing, listening-to-speakers moms and ask who has any head-aches, back-ache, or aches of any kind. I had to ‘compete’ with loud Mexican and pumping hip-hop music while there were a few dance numbers. Actually, I was quite amazed at how I managed to stay centered and feel present and was able to concentrate on running the energy amid the ‘noise in the market place’. That in itself was a great experience, realizing how far I’d come from 3 years ago when I could only run energy for 10 minutes and only when there were NO distractions.


I did my 5 minute talk, barely able to really explain Quantum-Touch because of the time limit. I asked people to put their hands up if they were suffering from a head-ache, back-ache or frozen shoulder. Almost half the room’s hands went up. Boy… a lot of work to be done…


I visited a few of those people after the talk. Head-aches came down, a frozen shoulder could suddenly move again, a knee pain came down from 7 to 4-out-of-10. The relief and gratitude on this last woman’s face was touching.  Many ladies asked for my card and details –a few others just came and asked for advice. What an amazing realisation… people are really very open to listen to something else than mainstream medicine.


Today, Liz (the first head-ache I treated) visited me at my room for a full appointment. She mentioned that she doesn’t get a lot of chance to speak in front of people and she’s normally petrified when it’s her turn. Well, she said… after that short 10 minute QT session, her head-ache was gone, she felt calm and collected and really peaceful about going up on stage for her talk. The moms were rowdy during her talk – the tea was just being brought in as she started so very few were really paying attention. Even I kept thinking “How on earth does she concentrate with this racket going on?”


Liz told me today that normally she would’ve taken that very personally and felt incompetent and stressed. But this time, she felt none of that. She still felt peaceful, allowing things to be as they are. She actually even said she took one of the table decorations home with her to hang on her wall ‘because she wants to remember this day forever’. She was so stunned at the results of something she’d never heard of or experienced. I feel a wonderful friendship in the making.


QT helps head-aches, back-ache, knee-pain, fear of public speaking. It even creates friendships. Wow – don’t you just love this ‘job’, too??


Much love








"There are three kinds of violence: one, through our deeds; two, through our words; and three, through our thoughts. The root of all violence is in the world of thoughts, and that is why training the mind is so important." -- Eknath Easwaran

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