Spring - Time to Create!

Are you ready?

Spring brings freshness, hope, new energy, the start of new things.... (like diets, a new project, writing a book, clearing out clutter, renovating...)


Smelling the fresh new flower scents of jasmin and Yesterday-Today-and-Tomorrow always fill me with hope, dreams, a feeling that it's okay - even if the year hasn't been ideal yet, it can STILL change!

I got married in September, 8 years ago - a beautiful time of year, on a most glorious spring day. Grey loeries were calling outside, bright pink bougainvilleas were in full bloom in the garden where we hosted the reception. A glorious South African spring day!

Yet, in parts of the world right now things are not so glorious. Trouble is brewing in many parts of our world (and it is OUR world, right?) and on 11 September, a sad day will be commemorated in the USA.

Something similar often happens within us, about our own lives. We may experience a sense of hope, a sense that "change is possible" and "Yes, I want to do that thing I said I would (in January)". And at the same time, we may be struggling with an internal war about something, or a figurative war in a significant relationship. Or an internal war about our career, our weight or a decision we are struggling to make. Or we may be commemorating a loss of a long time ago with the distinct sense that it's time to move on and create something new.... and not quite know HOW to do that.

Can you identify?

I sometimes find myself stopped when I want to implement a new behaviour, decision or project through one of these thoughts or showstoppers (and it's no different this spring!) I have several projects in mind, and when I want to begin, this happens:

  • I don't know where to start
  • I procrastinate even though it really seems important to me
  • It's too big for me! I can't do it!
  • Who am I to think I can attempt that?
  • Complete overwhelm... (and then putting the idea on the backburner)
  • More procrastination
  • Lack of accountability - who's going to check up on me, anyway? It doesn't matter whether I start or not!
  • Endless feelings of guilt or internal turmoil because I REALLY WANT to start that project, and all the above are stopping me from taking even one step

Have you been there? Are you there now?

What does it take to change?

One of the most common things that stops us from going in a new direction, is failing to make a complete commitment to the project! Without commitment, I find there's very little "oomph", enthusiasm or driving force to propel us into action. Also - if our current situation does not cause us enough pain/discomfort, the chance of us doing something different, is slim to none. It is after all, not comfortable to change! The discomfort of staying the same must be painful ENOUGH for us to want to take on the apparent pain of changing, or do things differently, or take that leap of faith.

Unfortunately, most of us are more motivated by "running away from pain" than by "running towards something of pleasure". The trick to sticking to our resolution is, to make sure we have a yummie, delicious goal that draws us like a strong MAGNET.

An Example

Let's say you've always wanted to write a book and have made a few half-hearted attempts at starting. Or you want to shed those few kilo's gained during the grey winter months. Until you're truly in touch with how it will feel to NEVER complete that book, or to stay the weight you are, and truly comprehend the COST (long and short term) of not writing or not shedding the extra pounds, it will be easy to start, and stop - and start, and stop.

Why do we do that stopping thing?

A part of the reason is that if our goal (write the book) was based on running away from pain ("I don't want to die with the book inside me") and we write even a few pages, we give ourselves a bit of relief from the original pain... It's now not so painful ("at least I've made a start") so the original pain is not such a big driving force anymore. The trouble is - we haven't changed the "running away from" part into a magnetic, juicy carrot that feels good, looks good and draws us towards it. And we'll keep stopping (when life gets too busy, or a hundred other excuses) and than starting again... until we comprehend the value of

  • 100% commitment
  • Having a clear picture of the outcome we want
  • Accountability (yes, it IS hard to keep ourselves on track!)

That's why I often enlist the help of a coach to reach my goals and implement new behaviours or work on projects. A personal coach can help us to 

  • stick to our commitment
  • set that clear outcome, fill in the details and really create the juice to keep going, obstacles or not
  • and support us to negotiate the obstacles in resourceful ways
  • be accountable, and keep on track, giving us a feeling of amazing progress

We all know that when we see and feel we're making progress, it's easier to stick to change, a new diet, or get those fingers flying over the keyboard to fulfill the lifelong dream!

What is your Dream?

What is something you'd really, really love to do? Have you been promising yourself "One day, when the time is right...."? What's stopping you from doing it this year - 2013? Could it be that you've had some fears about the outcome (I'm not good enough, Who am I, I'll be judged), or have plain not known where to start? Could it be that you've lacked a buddy or accountability partner to help you stay on track?

Make 2013 the Year!!

I've walked the road of manifesting one of my lifelong dreams - publishing a book. I needed a coach to help me stay on track, even though I have been trained as a Life Coach myself. It made all the difference for me, to have an action plan drawn up, get "filled up" with enthusiasm and inspiration each week, have my coach cheer me on, keep the vision for me while I took daily action...

I also needed someone to help me clear all the judgements in my head (no-one will read it, who will publish it anyway??, and I'm just a nobody, so why even start?).

Until we have commitment, a clear action plan, accountability, and address the fears in the way of starting or taking steps, the road to success is much, much harder than it needs to be.

My Invitation to You: 1 Exclusive Coaching Slot

Yes, I did it myself and I really know what it takes. I know some days are harder than others! I can support YOU in the same way to fulfill your life long dream. What's your dream? What will life be like if you DO it? What will your life be like if you NEVER get to do it?

In September, I'm opening up only 1 coaching slot for a special person who is committed to their dream and have decided that 2013 is the year to create that!

What to do?

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.me to apply for an appointment. There's only one single slot available for a successful applicant and I expect it to go quickly! (PS I'm away from 7 September till 16 September - so jump NOW!)
  • I'll give you some time-slot options for a valuable exploration session (FREE of charge, and after 16 September) - open to all applicants
  • If you're the successful applicant, we'll set up your laser-focused sessions to create your dream - get ready for take-off!


To reiterate - We will

  • Create a magnetic outcome that motivates, draws and attracts you, even when life wants to get in the way
  • Draw up a precise action plan with small enough steps so it's manageble, realistic and cuts out overwhelm
  • Keep you accountable so you can see, feel and hear your progress - which leads to more motivation than you can imagine!
  • Keep you on track with 10 weekly sessions, to roll boulders or pebbles out the way as they appear
  • Work together on clearing fears and limiting beliefs one by one. If you've been stopped so far by "I'm not good enough" or "Who am I to do this?" or "I'll be judged" or "I'm afraid of the spotlight" - we can totally eliminate those so you become unstoppable!
  • Keep checking in with progress, get feedback, tweak things as necessary so you can correct your direction towards success
  • Work on your success-mindset and attitude

This is NOT for you if

  • You feel a bit wishy-washy about whether your dream is really that important
  • You're not willing to put in effort to make your dream real
  • You don't have a cent to your name right now

This IS for you if

  • You're sick and tired of not taking the steps to make your dream real and you want to change that NOW
  • You're willing to take the steps, and need someone right there beside you to urge you on to the next step
  • You want to clear those fears once and for all
  • You want to feel accountable, do the homework and SEE the results
  • You are willing to invest in your own success and want to feel the joy of saying "I DID IT!"

Again, Here's What to do?

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.me to apply for an appointment. There's only one single slot available for a successful applicant and I expect it to go quickly! (PS I'm away from 7 September till 16 September - so jump NOW!)

I look forward to supporting you to create that LIFE LONG dream in 2013!











"Your mind is like a parachute...it functions only when open" -- Unknown

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