Introduction to The Sedona Method

I discovered The Sedona Method in 2004 and have been working with it over the past 9 years. In December 2012 I felt inspired to explore it in-depth. I spent many hours with it and boy, did I realise the power of it – even though it seems so simple! In 2004 I was battling with depression and irritation over really trivial things. One of them was doing the dishes! For months, I experienced the most irrational irritation every time I looked at the dishes stacked in the sink. In a few "releases" as they're called, I released that irritation forever. It never bothered me again. I had a miscarriage during that year and used The Sedona Method extensively - and found peace around the whole experience.

If you want to read more about the Sedona Method right now, take a look at and the background of how it started, is here:

The aim with this Introduction is to give you a “taste” of how it works, what it is, and how to use it in your daily life. 

Comments from previous participants:
"Deepest level of mediation I've ever experienced" ~ Megan
"I loved getting the basics!" ~ Berdine
"Just what I needed today! That all our issues and problems could be drawn to four wants - Unbelievable!" ~ Ronel
"Very relaxing experience. I realised how the different wants affect my physical aches and pains" ~ Kudzai
"I enjoyed your easy, comfortable manner of presenting the material. I enjoyed learning a method that is so powerful" ~ Alison


What's so good about The Sedona Method?

Have people ever said to you, after you've told them your grievance for the tenth time, "Just DROP it already"! or "Forget it now", or "Just let it go!".... I used to hear that so often AND no-one ever taught me HOW to do it. Those annoying, hurtful, painful emotions kept me stuck, my head hurt from the thoughts that went round and round in my head. It's just not possible to just make a decision to "drop it".

Until I found The Sedona Method!

I learnt it IS really that simple. There IS a recipe to "drop it". It takes only a couple of minutes. It's gentle, simple, consists of a series of questions that you can even READ off a piece of paper (no struggle to remember the process) and it works every time. In the courses I've taught, there's never been anybody who said "I can't get it to work for me". It's a natural ability we ALL had as children, and due to social conditioning and some other factors, we've forgotten how. It's there, just under the surface... and with this Method, I can "remind" you how you used to do that as a child!

The Sedona Method ONLINE Intro Course


Exact Dates in June/July To Be Announced (replays available on demand)

Fee Usually $97, Charter Members only $47
Included 4 1-hour online classes, Downloadable Audio, Downloadable Workbook, Q & A
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 What we’ll do in the Introduction Course:

  • The basics of the Sedona Method
  • Has someone told you to “just let go” and it makes you mad? With The Sedona Method, it’s possible AND easy!
  • The 4 “wants” underneath every single emotion, thought and belief, and how to “let go” of them. If we let go of these, the emotions float away into thin air…
  • A quick trick to work with fears
  • The Emotional Scale
  • How to work with Resistance
  • And we’ll have a taste of some processes to start working with our Goals and Dreams, to show you what the next course brings…

How will YOU Benefit?

  • You'll feel lighter, calmer and brigher after every class
  • You'll learn a really simple, user-friendly way to get yourself calm quickly in future
  • You'll learn a way to release emotions "in the moment" - no isolation necessary to use this technique
  • You'll know what to do with resistance when next it pops up for you
  • You'll be able to think more clearly about the problem you work with at the course, and therefore make better decisions
  • You may even find that "the problem" has disappeared...
  • You'll receive an eye-opener about what's REALLY behind all emotions
  • You'll have several aha-moments and insights about your issues during our time together
  • You may even discover "who you really are"... and it may not be who you think!



A Social Worker and Therapist, says

"The information we received was very enlighting (if that is the right word) – almost a relief. To know one is allowed to let go of things. And then of course how to let go.

The technique is very user-friendly. I (as a therapist) know that one “should” let go. But no one ever says how. And now I know how. The questions actually force you to focus on all the hundreds of (sometimes) obsessive thoughts and to single one out. And even just doing that takes away the power it has (or had) over you.

I have tried it with 2 things since then. One of them I know worked. I was tired and not in the mood this morning. So I was lying on the bed, dressed up and make-up on – ready to go to work. And I worked on letting go of this tired feeling. I really felt it lift. The other thing was my obsessive thoughts about my break-up and Candice. I think it is better – I have to make myself think of it more than what the thoughts are just there. And even then it is not so intense.

Another thing I was thinking. When I do tapping with other people on their issues, I know my issues also go away. And on Saturday I told you I struggled to focus on only 1 thing to practice with. But there was definite relief after the morning session. The same as with the tapping. I cannot pinpoint what was released but I felt better.

I am looking forward to try this technique with meditation."

~ Erla Coetzee


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What's next, after the Introduction?

Effortless Goals

with the Sedona Method

If you enjoyed the Intro, you’ll LOVE going deeper with this Method!

Our goals don't always come true, and we may feel despondent, disappointed, like a failure, miserable, angry, helpless.... All that can change with the Effortless Goals full day course. Take a look and phone or email for more information. Take action TODAY.


The state of your life Is nothing more than a reflection of the state of your mind -- Dr Wayne Dyer

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