What to Expect

Thorough History

I believe that you are a ‘whole’ being, not just a diseased arm, leg, stomach. Therefore I take a full history of your current and past health, and also of emotional traumas. Every thought you think and every emotion you feel have an influence on your physical and emotional health.


You might have found my site because you specifically wanted Quantum-Touch for your condition, or perhaps you prefer to work with EFT.

When we’ve completed your assessment during the enrolment process, I will always listen to your preferences about a specific therapy. However, I will make sure to give you suggestions about other ways we can also work together on improving your health. For instance, you might want only Quantum-Touch, but I might make some suggestions about a Byron Katie process or EFT session. This is because I have come to know that our emotions can strongly influence a health condition . Mostly this is unconsciously so—and I’ve learnt how important it is to also treat the underlying emotional contributors.

The Way I Work

I do not take on new clients without a commitment for at least 4 appointments. This can be once a week, once every second week, or once a month. With regular visits, you’ll be able to gain the most possible benefit and you’ll be amazed at the changes and growth you experience.

Through years of experience, I've come to see that our challenges consist of many layers and pieces, like a puzzle. I sincerely believe that it is not in your best and highest interest for us to do one session only. That is not my preferred way of working and I have stopped working this way a while ago.

If you're not commited and serious about working through multiple layers and aspects of your presenting challenge, I'm not the best person to contact.

As explained below… your challenge (or medical condition) did not arrive overnight. It’s not realistic to expect that one session is going to set you right forever! (5 minute miracles DO occur but are not a regular occurrence.) With al due respect, please don’t come for one session and then say “It didn’t work”. If you go to gym, do you expect to be fit after one visit? Let’s be realistic and find the best type of ongoing relationship for YOUR best benefit. I used to work at a rehabilitation centre for serious diseases and spinal chord injuries. The patients there sometimes visit the physios every day, for months on end. Their persistence ALWAYS pays off and their growth is tremendous and awesome to experience.

I would love to support you to gain exceptional health and wellness. This is best attained by an ongoing relationship and when you are ready and willing to take responsibility for looking at what caused your discomfort. Be absolutely assured of my willingness and loving support in your healing process.

Tips on taking Responsibility for your health

  • Your health problem did not occur overnight (unless it’s an injury). It most likely took quite a while to develop (even though you might not have been aware of it)
  • Therefore—it’s realistic to expect that it might also take a while to be resolved
  • It’s realistic to expect to have more than one energy treatment. This Is not true in ALL cases, but please don’t make the mistake that all energy treatments necessarily result in miracle healings!
  • Keep in mind that if you keep repeating a behaviour that is bad for your health (like smoking, too much alcohol, sitting with hunched shoulders, sleeping 4 hours a night, eating unhealthy food) - it is unfair to expect that any treatment will help you to improve permanently
  • If I give you EFT ‘homework’ to do, it’s for a good reason. I DO believe every little bit you do at home, helps you to progress much faster than if you just did your tapping with me. This is a huge area where you can take responsibility for your health—do daily tapping, even if only for 5 minutes
  • Read up about your condition, and find out whether there’s anything else you can do to help yourself—for instance changing eating habits, getting more sleep, daily exercise, meditation or other stress relief practices
  • Think about the possible emotional contributors. Ask yourself: If my disease had a voice, what would it say? And listen to the answer, no matter how silly it seems
  • When did your condition start? Did it occur around the same time as a trauma or very stressful time in your life?
  • Every thought you think influences your health. Take responsibility to think more positively. If it’s really hard for you to find anything positive, at least say to yourself, over and over: “Everything’s going to be ok!”
  • Start a gratitude journal. Gratitude for the SIMPLE things in your life (like the fact that you have a bed, a plate of food, ears to listen to birds..) will quickly help you on the road to a new outlook on life
  • I might suggest a book where you can find more information on the connection between body and mind. There are hundreds out there—it might open a whole new world for you if you started finding out just how much your thoughts and emotions influence your health!

Questions you can ask to help gain insight into your condition:

You might be amazed at the answers you receive from asking these questions. Sit quietly for a few moments, with no distractions. Let your heart speak. Your subconscious has recorded every single thing that’s happened to you. The information is there to be accessed, but we have to get quiet enough to hear that little voice.

1. If this part of my body / this condition had a voice, what would it say?

2. If there was a possible emotional contributor to my discomfort, what would it be?

3. What emotional traumas might have occurred at the time that I started noticing physical discomfort or symptoms?

4. What is the possible benefit for me to keep this condition?

5. What is the possible downside of letting go of this condition?


The state of your life Is nothing more than a reflection of the state of your mind -- Dr Wayne Dyer

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