What do you mean Personal Peace?

That sounds impossible!

To most of us, peace sounds like unrealistic and unattainable pie in the sky! How is it possible to have peace when there's so much war, crime, injustice, violence, accidents and disasters happening all around us? How can we possibly have peace when people are starving and kids are dying of hunger and AIDS?

The most important points I want to stress here is that

we only have control over our own life
  • we can only create peace in our part of the Universe
  • peace starts within
  • wars and violence stop when we create peace in our own heart

You may also have you heard Ghandi's words: "BE the change you want to see in the world".

Wait... that still sounds impossible, I hear you say...

How can I create peace in my own life and stop wars and violence?

Gary Craig, founder of EFT, has made a really remarkable tool available to create peace in our inner worlds. It's available to anyone who cares to use it! He calls it The Personal Peace Procedure and writes the following about it (Gary writes so eloquently that I'm taking the liberty of quoting):

"The Personal Peace Procedure is not just a way to "feel a little more peaceful." Properly understood, this technique should be the healing centerpiece for every person on earth. Every physician, therapist, spiritual counselor and personal performance coach in the world should be using it as a leading tool for helping others (and themselves).

In essence, the Personal Peace Procedure involves making a list of every bothersome SPECIFIC EVENT in one's life and systematically EFT'ing their impacts out of existence. By diligently doing this we can pull out every negative tree from our emotional forests and thus eliminate major causes of our emotional and physical ailments. This, of course, propels each individual toward personal peace which, in turn, contributes mightily toward world peace.

Most of our emotional and physical problems are caused (or contributed to) by our unresolved specific events, the vast majority of which  can be easily handled by EFT."

Tell me how to do The Personal Peace Procedure!

1. Buy a notebook or journal (I use one that is easy to carry with me)

2. Make a list of every single event you can remember that still causes you some intensity when you think about it now (there is good cause to believe that if you can remember it, there might be something worth looking at!)

3. You should find at least 50 to start with. If not, you might be going about this halfheartedly!

4. Pretend each event is like a movie and give each event a short 'Movie Title'. For instance, "My teacher slapped my hand in front of the whole class when I was 8"

5. Write down just these titles in your notebook (in other words, you don't have to describe the whole event in detail, just a title will do)

6. Next to each, write down the emotional charge when you think about this event. Rate it on a scale of 1-10, where 0 is "no charge" and 10 is the most intense you can get

7. Work on the 'big trees' first. Take one event per day and tap for it from every possible angle you can think of. All the emotions you feel, all the pictures, images, smells, sounds and reactions you can think of. Rate your intensity as you tap, and ideally you want to get to a "0" intensity about this specific event by the time you complete your tapping session for this event

8. If you work on only 1 event per day, in one year you will have cleared 356 diseased trees from your emotional forest! You will most likely start to feel a lot more peaceful in your every day life. Look out for the differences - sometimes the changes are so subtle that you might not notice them immediately


Tips and Tricks for working with your own Personal Peace Procedure

I have been working my own Personal Peace Procedure for a while and we also teach our workshop participants how to work on theirs. From feedback, we've found these points to be helpful:

I have been working my own Personal Peace Procedure for a while and we also teach our workshop participants how to work on theirs. From feedback, we've found these points to be helpful:

1. You might feel overwhelmed by this long list by the time you have completed making your list. That's normal! The first thing you can tap for is "Even though I feel overwhelmed, I am open to the possibility that I can do this in small bite-size chunks, and maybe it could even be fun!"

2. You might want to make a list of only 10 in the beginning - start tapping for the one with the biggest charge. This way at least you make a start

3. Sometimes a related event (Event B) pops up while you're busy tapping for Event A. Write only the Movie title of Event B at the end of your Personal Peace Procedure list. Continue to work on Event A until it's at a '0' charge. It's best not to switch events. Make sure each event is completely tapped down before continueing on to another event. This is a more thorough approach and will get clearer results. The next time you tap, you can work on Event B, rate it's intensity and tap it down to 0

4. I have kept a diary in the same book in which my events are listed. Every time I select an event, I tick it and write the date next to it. At the back of my Journal, I write the date again and the name of my movie title. I then make notes as I work, noting down important emotions, thoughts, realisations and cognitive shifts occurring. It's a really nice way to see the progress you're making.


I'm overwhelmed and horrified by my list. I can't get started!

That's ok! SmileEveryone feels like this once in a while, even us! We've received this feedback for a while. That's why we've created a pack of Personal Peace Procedure Cards!  We wanted to find a delightfully easy way to support you to continue working with your issues in a different way.

Our Personal Peace Procedure Cards is currently a pack of 36 cards with the most common Core Beliefs and painful issues that most of humanity suffer from. Beliefs like "I'm left out", "I'm not good enough", "I'm flawed", "It needs to be perfect", "There is never enough"  and many more.

On the days on which you feel like you just can't face your list, you can easily select a random card and tap for whatever feelings, thoughts and emotions arise when you read the words. We also encourage you to go back into your past and find specific events where you felt that this belief was true and tap for that event. It ultimately leads back to your Personal Peace Procedure list. It's just another way to trigger your memory and help you to find those specific events.

We provide a comprehensive booklet that will be emailed with your order to give you ideas on how to work with the cards.

The price currently is R120. Shipping is R30 to anywhere in South Africa.

If you'd like to order of ask for more information on the Personal Peace Procedure Cards, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


You cannot remedy anything by condemning it -- Dr Wayne Dyer

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