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In 1944 Max Planck (the man considered to be the father of quantum theory), shocked the world by saying that

There is a matrix of energy that provides the blueprint for our physical world

Since then, many "new scientists" have confirmed this, and their ideas have been published in books like "The Divine Matrix" (Gregg Braden), "The Field" (Lynne McTaggart), "The Biology of Belief" (Bruce Lipton) and "A new Science of Life" (Rupert Sheldrake).

It's also been discovered that between 95% and 98% of our daily behaviour, activities and habits are governed by programs run in our subconscious mind. This is a shocking number - it means that out of every minute of every day, only around 2 seconds of it are under your conscious control. The rest of the time you do things, say things, and think things that you do not consciously control.

What is the Subconscious Mind?

To use a familiar analogy - the subconcsious mind is like the software (Word or Excel) on your computer. Without software, your computer cannot do anything. Your subconcsious mind is in control of all the things that need to happen to keep you alive.. breathing, digestion, cell respiration, detoxification and a million other things happening every single second. Without your subconscious mind, you would die - it's too much for your conscious mind to control all those necessary functions. The conscious mind can handle 40 bits of information per second, while the powerful subconcious handles 40 MILLION bits per second.

The subconscious is ALSO in control of all those thoughts you think (I'm not good enough, I'm stupid, I can't do this, I always fail, I'm unlovable, unworthy, incapable, inferior...). You know - all the negative self-talk that just happens, without your invitation!

Suggestion is at the root

Where on earth do all these subconscious things come from? Dr Bruce Lipton says many of these "negative programs" were established in the first 6 years of our lives. A child under 6 is in a hypnogogic state. From birth to about 2, their brains operate mostly in the Delta brainwave state, and between 2 and 6  mostly in Theta. These are the brainwave patterns hypnotherapists use to put their clients into a more suggestive state. Children under 6 soak up what's happening to them like sponges without any ability to discriminate the validity or truth of it. They take everything that happens as "the truth" about life or themselves. Hence - a parent losing their temper because they had a bad day and screaming "Why can't you do anything right today??" may plant a belief in the child's subconscious that he's just never going to get it right.

All of us were subjected to these "mini-traumas" or "small T" traumas. None of our parents did it on purpose to harm us (nor are we doing it on purpose to our children). We're all just human, trying our best to raise children under challenging circumstances. And some of those challenges are there simply because we still have our own "stuff" handed down from parents, teachers or peers, about not being good enough, not succeeding, never getting it right.. .and so on!

Is it possible to get out of this trap?

Enter EFT and Matrix Reimprinting!

EFT has always given us the ability to change how we feel about what's happened to us. It's a most brilliant tool to neutralise trauma. Remember - what looks like "nothing" to an adult, can be severely traumatic to a child. A parent's angry red face can lead to the "freeze response", which happens when a child feels threatened and they are unable to run or hide. It's in the freeze response where our limiting beliefs are formed.

In a Matrix Reimprinting session, we first completely neutralise the original trauma with EFT by working with the "younger self" part of us that experienced the trauma. The next part of the process is very exciting! We can create a change in the original memory by giving that "younger self" an opportunity to say or do what they needed to do then (and were unable to). We can do a variety of things to help this traumatised part to feel more empowered so they can work through the trauma and get to the other side, to have a completely different sense of themselves and the world.

During this process, we change the belief that was formed in the traumatic event. If for instance, a decision was made during the event that "I'ts not safe to speak the truth", we'll be able to change this belief to something more empowering. This is done using a variety of techniques, that includes Heartmath's knowledge that the human heart sends out an electromagnetic field that is 5,000 (five thousand) times stronger than that of the brain! So we literally "imprint" a different, more positive picture into the Matrix (Max Planck's field of energy). This has many exciting consequences - one of them that we're better able to utilise the Law of Attraction for attracting what we want instead of what we don't want.

I have some negative beliefs about myself - how can I change them?

Do you feel like

  • I'll never get ahead
  • I'm not good enough
  • I'm invisible
  • I can't say NO
  • I'm always anxious
  • I'm worthless
  • I don't deserve xyz
  • or just fill in the blank for the negative belief in your head....

I attended a Matrix Reimprinting course in February 2011 with EFT Master Karl Dawson, the originator of this powerful technique. I am able to help you with a Matrix Reimprinting session to clear issues from the past, beliefs about yourself, addictions, allergies and more.

I have been working with this technique since February and am extremely excited about the profound shifts my clients and I have experienced. Matrix Reimprinting works fantastically well over the phone or Skype. If you're not in Joburg, this is a wonderful option. I have clients in England, Israel, George, Cape Town and elsewhere.

Please be aware that mostly the healing journey (for whatever reason you choose to be embark on it) is most often exactly that -  a JOURNEY. It's mostly not an event. Although "one minute wonders" do occur, expect to "walk the road" with your facilitator for serious issues like abuse, persistent allergies and addictions. It's a gentle and fascinating process. What's specifically magic about Matrix Reimprinting, is that you don't have to experience any uncomfortable feelings. Healing can happen easily and gently and with amazing realisations about yourself and life.

Watch this 4 minute video clip to for a small introduction to Matrix Reimprinting.

Try it - you'll like it! Contact me TODAY if you'd like to be free of your challenge.



"If you want things to be different, perhaps the answer is to become different yourself-- Norman Vincent Peale

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