What is PSYCH-K® ?

PSYCH-K® is short for psychology kinesiology. This amazing technique was originated by Robin Williams in 1988 and has been used by thousands of people world-wide to change limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs. That’s like magic already – the REAL magic is that this could happen in as little as 2-5 minutes!

We live in a world where we want instant results. We rarely get it, though. We normally have beliefs like ‘It takes hard work to change’ or ‘Change takes a long time’ or ‘My problem is so deeply ingrained, it will take years to change it’ or ‘I won’t ever get over this problem’. And yet in the PSYCH-K® workshop I attended in October 2009, I saw in front of my own eyes, again and again, how beliefs like these could be changed almost instantly using the FUN and easy processes of PSYCH-K®.

How does PSYCH-K® work?

The key to our beliefs (whether they’re limiting or empowering) is the enormously powerful subconscious mind. Consider that your conscious mind can handle 40 bits of information per second. That’s huge, right? The surprise is that your subconscious mind (over which you have virtually no conscious control) is able to handle 40 MILLION pieces of information per second. That difference is so vast that most people can’t imagine what it might mean. It’s like the difference between a grain of sand and Mount Everest.

The subconscious mind is almost like a computer’s hard drive. It’s where all the programs (software) are stored, and these programs are our beliefs about life, relationships, wealth, health, spirituality, self-esteem. Do you know someone who constantly says “Nothing ever works for me…”? That’s simply a program, or ‘belief’ that has been stored or ingrained in their subconscious mind, maybe from a very early age. When we do things in life, virtually all our actions and reactions are as a result of these programs running in our subconscious.

Another interesting thing is that our subconscious cannot make decisions… it merely executes programs that exist. We can’t ask it to make a choice - that’s the job of your conscious mind. If you want to choose a meal in a restaurant, you use your conscious mind. However, if a program sitting in your subconscious says ‘Apples are bad for me’ because you bit through a worm in an apple when you were 6 years old, you simply won’t be able to choose the delicious Apple Crumble on the menu…

PSYCH-K® was originated by Robin Williams, a psychotherapist who was terribly frustrated with the normal ‘talk therapy’ he offered his clients. He originally came from a business environment, where results count! With talk therapy, he rarely saw noticeable results for his clients, even after years. They knew exactly why they were unhappy after years of talking about the problems, Rob (as their therapist) knew exactly why they were unhappy, and still… nothing changed. They kept feeling unhappy and stuck.

PSYCH-K® has elements of NLP, Brain Gym and energy work. It accesses the subconscious mind directly, and puts a new program on the hard drive, so to speak. This is SUCH exciting news – a person can experience the benefits of having a new program in a few minutes, instead of ‘maybe’ after a few years of ‘hard work’. When our beliefs change, our world seems to change as well.

Does this sound unlikely? Have you ever heard of a ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’? Or the concept of sabotaging yourself?  This is exactly what I’m talking about… If you have a belief that ‘The world is an unfriendly place’, you might constantly encounter experiences that ‘prove’ this to you. If you believe that ‘Money comes to me easily’, guess what your bank balance will look like? The following example might help (names changed to protect the people).

Case Study

About 3 years ago, Loretta and her family went through massive trauma when her husband committed suicide. Her little boy was 6 at the time, and he shut down completely about the happenings. He told Loretta he would never, ever talk about it. He’d been angry ever since and even though they’ve taken him to numerous therapists (including play therapy), he’s never opened up and he’s displayed a very angry attitude towards life and everyone around him.

2 days after our PSYCH-K® course, I had the opportunity to work with her. She also has numerous unresolved issues. Her biggest fear currently is that she’s not able to support her children when they need her (around the time of the trauma she wasn’t available for them, because of her own hurt). We did only 3 balances for her. One was “I am there for my children when they need me”, and another was “The world sees my value”.

Exactly one day after my visit to her, she phoned me in tears. Her little boy (now 9) asked whether he could talk to her. He told her he’s kept all his feelings and hurt inside for 3 years now, and he simply can’t do it anymore. He asked her lots and lots of questions around his Dad, and although she couldn’t tell him everything (not appropriate), he opened up for the 1st time. She had the distinct experience that she was available for him when he needed her, and she felt valuable. I was in tears, of course. Loretta is immensely grateful, and I’m in absolute awe of how fast things can shift.

What do YOU want?

PSYCH-K® is a truly amazing tool to help you shift what you’re experiencing in life. Want more money? Want to be able to say NO? Want better health? Want to feel more calm and peace? Want to shift a fear or phobia? Want to attract a relationship? The possibilities are limited only by your imagination…

If you’d like more information on PSYCH-K®, go to www.psych-k.com, or www.wisdomways.net, or watch video clips at http://www.psych-k.com/pages/rob-williams-video.php or contact me for a personal chat.

A PSYCH-K® session lasts more or less an hour, to an hour and 15 minutes. As with all the modalities I practice, I recommend 3-5 sessions per issue, although 1 session can also render profound results, as the above case study proves.

Change the software of your mind and get different output! Let’s work together so you can create different results in your life.

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"Too often we underestimate how quickly our feelings are going to change because we underestimate our ability to change them." -- David Gilbert

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