Help - I have a "No" Problem!

  • Have you, like me, felt nervous, sick with anxiety, stomach in a tight ball because of too much on your plate, deadlines looming and no possible way to meet all those commitments?
  • Have you, like me, committed to something and in the very moment of saying "Yes, with pleasure!" already regretted it? And later resented yourself and the person who asked you to help out?
  • Are you finding it really, really hard to ever let the word "no" pass your lips? Does it sound like a terribly selfish thing to say?
  • Do you sometimes wonder "Why on earth have I taken on another task when my plate is so full already?"
  • And does the thought of declining a request send your stomach into even deeper knots and twists?

I understand!

It's an all-too-familiar story for me. I've walked this very journey for many years, at great cost to myself.


What does it cover?

This workshop is a practical experience to help you understand what lies beyond the deep reluctance to say "I'm so sorry, this time I can't help". It gives you stories, solid research, helpful practical tips, and a very effective and powerful tool to help you change the reluctance. This tool will not only help you to start saying "no" with much more ease - it will also help improve so many areas in your life.

Our current issues, challenges, fears and problems mostly stem from patterns learnt in childhood. In this workshop, you'll get a chance to investigate some of those origins and supplies helpful ways to overcome them.

We'll talk about change, why it's normally hard and how to make it easier. Saying "no" is probably a really big change for you. I''ll explain why kindness with yourself and those around you during the process of change is better than cracking the proverbial and familiar whip.

We will cover valuable information on the brain, the fight-flight-freeze response, how our bodies are in a way addicted to our version of "normal" - and how to gently break those patterns.

And what we don't get a chance to cover - don't worry because your SPECIAL BONUS for this course is to receive a copy of my book, No Problem - The Upside of Saying No, at NO CHARGE!!! It was released in May 2013 and is available in Exclusive Books, and most online bookstores.

Who is this workshop for?

It's for you if:

  • You're regularly overwhelmed, stressed and anxious with everything on your plate
  • You keep saying "yes" when you really meant "no"
  • You never get to do what you really love doing, like hobbies, spending time with family, or other pleasant things that make your heart sing
  • You'd like to learn how to say start saying "no" in a kind way
  • You don't want to hurt people and therefore help them instead of yourself
  • You feel yourself instantly "hooked" when someone else makes a request
  • You feel like "they won't like you" if you say "no"
  • You want to learn a profound, effective stress-relief tool to handle all stressful situations in life
  • You'd like to understand why on earth it's so hard to say "no"
  • You'd like to pinpoint the underlying reasons that keep you saying "yes"
  • You'd like to find out what happens in the brain when you fear saying "no"
  • You've heard about codependency and boundaries and suspect you may have some issues around that
  • You've had a difficult childhood
  • You were taught it's selfish to look out for yourself - you're supposed to look after everyone else first


The aim with this Workshop is to start you off on exploring your reasons for being reluctant to let the "no" word cross your lips. It offers valuable information about this challenge, will help you gain insight in your own patterns, bring "aHA"s and you will start the process of releasing the fears, anxieties, and reluctance around declining to help.

Comments from people about the book:

Dr. Jane Bluestein, author of Parents, Teens and Boundaries: How to Draw the Line (USA)

Healthy relationships start with a healthy sense of self, including the sense of deservingness and worth that allows us to take care of ourselves in those relationships. Sometimes, self-care means saying no— a skill every two-year-old has down pat, until we "socialize" this skill out of them. In No Problem: The Upside of Saying No, Liesel Teversham clearly shares the all-too-common reasons so many of us have learned abdicate our own needs, the ways we learn to silence our voice, and the cost of saying "yes," even when the best answer would clearly be a solid, considerate "no."


Pamela Bruner, Business Coach and EFT Expert (USA)

"In 'NO Problem. The Upside of Saying No' Liesel Teversham has created a clear, step-by-step guide to overcoming a main cause of overwhelm and upset. Pulling on many different proven teachings and technologies, she combines ideas in a refreshing and practical way. You CAN start saying no with confidence, authority, and best of all - no guilt! This book will show you how."



The "No Problem" Workshop


Thursday 1 August 2013 9 am to 1 pm

Fee R500 per person, R450 if you bring a friend
Included Notes and Refreshments AND the book, valued at R160!
Bring A notebook if you like making extra notes

Rivonia (venue to be decided when I know number of attendees)


What will the workshop do for you?

  • You'll discover and understand some of the 15 most common reasons you find it hard to say no
  • You'll learn to use a tool to start feeling calm about those reasons - and they may feel like they're no longer an issue
  • You'll learn a stress-relief tool that you can use when you feel anxious about saying no
  • You can use this same tool for any other fear, anxiety or stress
  • You'll learn 24 ways to say "no" kindly and respectfully - leaving both you and the other person feeling good
  • You'll learn what to do if you've already said "yes" and you can't stick to the "yes", or just don't want to anymore
  • You'll learn why change does not normally happen overnight, and what to do about it (for any other change you want to make)
  • You'll learn new ways of thinking about saying "no"
  • You'll receive the ultimate text book with everything about saying no -  that you can read at your leisure
  • You'll learn the one biggest mistake we make when asked to do something - and a crucial thing to prevent it
  • And more...


More comments:

"Thank you for your book. resonates so much with this "people pleaser" who says yes for all the wrong reasons! I am beginning to say no, even though others don't seem to like it much....!!!!!" Sue Schoening, Germany


"This is such a needed book. In today’s busy world we cannot afford to take on too many things. In order to have time for the things that matter to us, and to keep ourselves healthy, we have to be able to say no to the things that don’t support us. There are many places to learn all the logical reasons to do this, but actually doing it is a different matter. You, Liesel, give the reader an effective and easy to use tool that makes saying ‘No’ possible for everyone. Congratulations." Alison Gitelson, Founder CanBeeDone, Johannesburg, South Africa


Debbie Craig, Author of I Am Alive!, Trainer in Personal and Leadership Empowerment (South Africa)

Not only is the book very practical with categories, checklists, reflection exercises and EFT releasing techniques, but contains user-friendly summaries of many great teachers of personal development. Liesel has a knack of helping you identify and clarify your beliefs that may be limiting your choices and happiness in a non-threatening and refreshingly honest way and offers many suggestions and techniques to make real and lasting change. I highly recommend this book to anyone feeling too busy, overwhelmed, overloaded, stressed, too responsible or just struggling with saying NO in the right way to the right things at the right time.




This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. If you can't make the course date, let me know and I'll let you know of the next one. There are only 10 seats - book now to avoid disappointment!

Payment is either by EFT before the course, or cash at the door.

I look forward to sharing this valuable information and techniques with you!

To book: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Remember - Einstein said "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results". I used to do that - I used to keep getting  my plate TOO FULL, getting overwhelmed, exhausted, ill, resentful, stressed-out and anxious in the process. It can change. and I can show you how!



Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers. -- Anthony Robbins

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